Reasons to Prefer PC Over Mac

Hello Friends! I am not a big of Windows or Mac. After involving in a long debate on PC over MAC with a group of tech savvies, I was inspired to write a blog on it. So here I am to tell you some key reasons for why like PC more than Mac. This is just my own ideas that I have discovered some from on my own, some from the internet wide search and some from tech savvies. I hope you would like my reason.

  • PC’s are easily upgrade than Mac’s. Windows are more flexible than Mac when it comes to upgradeability. A Mac upgrading is required to purchase a Mac Pro.
  • There are multiple free applications available for Windows. One search over the internet is enough to find out various high-end free Windows applications for business, educational, corporate and personal purpose. But I must say that applications for OSX have also been started.
  • There is no OS as dominant as Windows for experiencing high-end games. Most games are developed keeping in mind Windows’ users. But it doesn’t mean that there are no games for Mac users. Only the majority of games are more for Windows than Mac.
  • Do you ever heard building your own Mac? I don’t think, because Apple has got full control on hardware using in its machines. Getting license for Mac OS is tough.
  • Windows is the most popular OS. Apple is not going to take over the Windows OS system. Here the signal is that Windows is not going to compatible with Mac. Due to having software for Windows more than Mac OS, Boot Camp is required to borrow in order use Windows software in Mac. For example, if you are purchasing a Mac for college, most of the programs you will get to use on Windows. Therefore, you need Boot Camp to make Windows software compatible for Mac OS.
  • PC is not less than Mac in terms of high-end technical support. If Mac is able to edit video, photo and audio, PC is too able to perform these tasks. Various programs are available for Windows to give tough competition to Mac in terms of technical support such as Sony Vegas for video editing, Photoshop versions for Windows etc…
  • Many programs for office, business and any other purpose are released first in Windows versions and later in the OSX versions. It is noticed regularly.
  • If you believe that Mac OSX is the only OS with Widgets, you are wrong. Windows Vista has the sidebar featuring a large number of useful gadgets.
  • Like Disk Copy for Mac, Windows Visa has an integrated CD/DVD burning system that allows burning of an entire fold with just a few simple clicks.
  • Both loading and running of Firefox on PC is faster than Mac OSX.
  • When it comes to play a certain audio or video file, it is much easier to play on Window than it is on Mac.
  • Now, Linux can run on Windows with the help and Linux (the Ubuntu-based system, allowing to run Linux on Windows).
  • When it comes to tech support for Windows, you can find instant help because Windows communities are easily available.
  • The Xbox is the largest library of high end games that can control and play on Windows Vista easily whereas to run the gaming console on Mac you need support of tools.
  • On Windows, it just need a simple right-click or path change to reassign system folders to different drives like My Videos and My Documents, but with the case of Mac, it is not easy to do so.
  • In case of Windows, Clicking X means you are closing the window but in OSX, it takes time to accept that you are closing the window when you click X.
  • In terms of technical support for Windows, it beats Mac. It is easy to locate PC repairing centres that is certified by MS. But in terms of Mac, you have to make your search wide.
  • Various problems of Windows from common to major, can solve with the help of Microsoft knowledge portal but in case of Mac you have to locate the technical support that is paid in many cases.
  • Microsoft has given “add-on” software to Windows if you are using internet explorer to browse. It enhances browsing experience and help in installing security updates of MS.
  • Windows supports built-in FTP for easily transfer large files to and from remote computer systems. The software works better than OSX’s in the Internet Explorer. However, I must say that there are several other programs available for file transfer in both Mac and Windows.
  • Exchange Servers is supported by the Windows for corporate. The reliable messaging platform increases productivity, improves communication and decreases costs. Apart from that Windows support Outlook Web Access for a wonderful experience.
  • Windows and Mac have different keyboard commands. You can take time to adjust with Mac keyboard.
  • Mac allows to remove software easily from the application folder, but if you have saved files in Library, it is not possible to remove them completely until downloading a software that helps removing files like AppZapper.
  • It is easy to customize hardware on PCs but in Mac, you may need help of tools to adjust hardware.
  • Dock and Taskbar. What do you prefer most? Taskbar adjusts on desktop nicely but the Dock looks a little bit disturbing.
  • PC sellers provide umpteen customer care support than those of Mac
  • People have mind-set that Windows are easily infected with viruses than Mac OSX. I am not agree with the point. Any OS can come in contact with virus attacks. It is important to be careful while using them.
  • Windows support all types of handheld gadgets without any problem.
  • Windows has automatically setup address bar that shows the current path. There is no need to customize the Finder toolbar.
  • To access Back to My Mac, you need to purchase .Mac but Remote Desktop is without any cost on Windows.
  • I find Windows Media Centre perfect for browsing video and audio files than iTunes for Mac.
  • OSX has no such regular updates I have noticed. I like timely and regular updates that Microsoft has managed for Windows.
  • I don’t see any type of intriguing feature on Mac like Ready Boost (disk catching software) for Widows Vista.
  • Windows has made selection of files easier. The check boxes offer you to select multiple files and folders at a time.
  • Windows Footbar2000 is one of the best audio systems I have found for Windows that supports low memory use and simple UI.

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How to Convert Swiftly Apple Mac Mail to PST

Operating Apple Mails on Windows might seem impossible to you but we want to tell that it is possible. Because Mac File Exporter has been launched. This is a modern age advanced conversion program that has been launched to resolve the data sharing issue between Mac and Windows. The super cool conversion pro doesn’t take much time for conversion of Mac Apple mail files to PST format. It takes a few minutes for converting all types and all sizes of Apple mail files into Windows popular PST format. The sophisticated tool is designed especially for migrating Apple mail calendar events, tasks, messages and notes to Windows popular PST format. Operating the tool is so easy. You will find pleasure to operate the program. It smooth data conversion process will provide you a sigh of relief that finally you have got the software that makes your Mac files friendly to Windows OS.

Convert Apple Mac mail to PST offers smart conversion. It allows batch migration. In other words, you would be able to transfer multiple Mac files to Windows at a time. It saves your quality time. When you want to transfer a few files you can choose one by one conversion and when it needs to transfer many Mac files, you can choose the batch conversion mode.

Mac File Exporter supports conversion of not only Apple Mail files but also EML, RGE, MBOX, Thunderbird and Entourage into Windows PST format by following a few simple steps.

The modern age migration tool supports Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 and 2013 versions.

During conversion, Mac File Exporter will provide your confidence to share your important Mac files because the tool preserves Mac files structure and doesn’t modify or spoil them anyway. This incredible tool offers error and bug free conversion.

Life time free update of Mac File Exporter is offered.

Try the free trial version of the tool. It will definitely impress you with its smooth performance and make you ready to buy the complete version of the program. It is easy to use. It is affordable and doesn’t going to hurt your monthly budget.

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