Convert Outlook OLM Mailbox to Windows PST File Format

Having a Mac means you are tech savvy and like to walk with the latest technology. But having a Mac and an OLM to PST converter program means you are a smart tech savvy… So what would you like to choose? Of course, you want to choose the second option to become a smart tech savvy.  Apple Inc. has invented Mac OS that is more advance than Windows OS. But Mac is not as famous as Windows. The reason is that Mac is not as user friendly as Windows. A techy person can operate Mac smartly but for a non-techy, it might be difficult to operate Mac single-handedly. Continue reading

Transfer Outlook MAC OLM file to PST for Office Goers

There is good news for Mac users who want to get Mac experience to the fullest, even at office… And the news is that Outlook for MAC OLM file to PST Converter has been launched. The smart program is an effort of some extremely talented and laborious software programmers who had decided to give Mac users the opportunity to take their Mac to office. There is no wonder that Windows versions are the first choice of almost all office workers. In this context, if some persons are using Mac at the office, it is difficult to transfer data of Mac to Windows, because the OLM file of Mac doesn’t get support in Windows. Considering the desire to use Mac for official work as much as possible resulted in the launch of OLM database to PST Converter.

The smart program swiftly converters the whole data of an OLM file to PST format. It is easy to operate. There are multiple features of the program that makes it an inevitable choice for all Mac users.

Let’s find out the cool features of OLM mailbox Converter…

Standalone Program—It doesn’t need support of other programs to run on you Mac. The feature makes it an easy program to download and operate. It takes a few simple clicks to converts OLM files to PST format.

Retain OLM files— the feature of OLM Converter saves the formatting, images, hyperlinks and non-English during conversion.

Bulk Conversion— the feature allows users to convert multiple OLM files data into PST format within a few minutes. There is no need to worry about losing any precious information during conversion.

Supports Windows Versions— you can confidently transfer the Mac data to Windows latest and old versions with the help of this ultimate program.

OLM to PST Converter Free Trial—freeware of the program is available to try it today to evaluate its efficiency and come to the decision to purchase the software.

OLM to PST Converter is an Ideal Investment

MAC is an ideal investment for tech savvies. Its outstanding features make your tasks easier.  But the Apple creation is not getting enough popularity as it was expected to gain by the Apple Inc. Do you know the reason behind it? It is none other than the flexibility of transferring the Mac data to Windows.  Mac data is stored in OLM files automatically. When it comes to transfer the data of Mac to Windows, it demands conversion of OLM file into PST format that Windows have to store the data. The launch of OLM to PST Converter has resolved the problem of transferring the data of Mac to Windows. It is easy a smart tool that has been using by numerous Mac users. All are satisfied with its performance. You can also think of purchasing the software that is 100% safe. Downloading the tool to your Mac allows you to use the OS as much as possible. It’s all because you can easily share your data with Windows users.

Top Features

  • OLM Converter is easy to handle. It doesn’t take much time to learn the features of the software.
  • OLM to PST Converter retains the data of Mac during conversion.
  • It is a standalone program that doesn’t require support of any other program to transfer the data of Mac to Windows.
  • OLM Converter easily transfer mails, contacts and any other files of Mac to Windows Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and other versions of Windows.
  • OLM Converter freeware is available to try it today to check the efficiency of the program.

Export Mac Outlook OLM to PST

Export Mac Outlook OLM to PST Conveniently

Are you wondering to know how to share data of Mac to Windows? Are you looking for a smart conversion program for migration of Mac files to Windows files? If yes, don’t wait much to purchase Mac Outlook to PST Conversion program and Export Outlook OLM to PST file format. It is a smart migration tool for those who want safe conversion of emails and other data of Mac files.

Both office and individual users can think of purchase OLM to PST Exporter software. They can try the OLM to PST file Exporter if they have any doubt regarding the capability of the tool. The smart conversion pro supports safe transformation of OLM files to PST. We know very well that OLM files are supported by Mac OS and when it requires operating OLM emails, contacts and other data on Windows, it is essential to convert OLM files because Windows supports PST files. OLM to PST Converter supports easy steps of migration. Moreover, it doesn’t require support of any other tool to perform migration job.

Prominent Features

  • OLM to PST Converter is a modern age tool to provide complete, safe and fast migration of OLM data like emails, attachments, contact address etc… to the most common Windows PST format.
  • The software preserves email attachments, non-English content such as Japanese, French etc… and gives special care to nested messages.
  • The tool offers bulk transformation in which you can transfer various OLM files to Windows file format simultaneously.
  • OLM Migration program has capability to merge various calendar event files of OLM to create one PST calendar file.
  • The software supports saving of migrated data in PST file formats with just a few simple clicks.
  • It is easy to understand the features of the program.
  • Download OLM to PST Conversion program demo version to check its functions physically.

Discover the Best OLM File Converter

OLM is a Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac file extension. It is best known as a database file to store emails, sent items, calendar events and contact address books for Mac.

Apple Inc. has created Mac OS for tech savvies. It is capable of storing various types of data and has incredible features that tech savvies like to have in their PCs.

Windows is a user-friendly OS. It is one of the most outstanding Operating Systems that can be learned easily. This is the reason for the popularity of Windows. It supports PST database file to store and operate its mails, contacts, notes and calendar items.

It has been noticed that Mac users fail to share their files to Windows users. The reason for it is that Mac support OLM database file and Windows supports PST database file. When it comes to sharing the data of Mac to Windows, it requires conversion of OLM files to PST files. Therefore, OLM to PST Conversion tool has been introduced to solve the problem. It is a proficient tool, capable of converting not only emails but also various types of data such as contacts and calendar items without any worry.

Salient Features

OLM File to PST Conversion is a sophisticated tool to transfer an OLM file data such as emails, its attachments, contacts and calendar items to PST effortlessly

The software maintains accuracy by transferring the mails in its original format

OLM File Conversion tool preserves all email attachments and gives a special treatment to nested messages

The conversion tool is capable of preserving non-English content and double byte characters

Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook converts various OLM contact address book folders to a strong PST contact address book folder

The software merges several address book folders into one single folder. It enables of processing around 60 address book fields to prevent even minor data loss

OLM file Converter has been designed to convert a large number of OLM files from different users to PST with ease. It is able to convert OLM various files one by one

The tool support GUI so that users of the software easily handle its features

Trial Offer

People who want to purchase OLM to PST software can give a try to free OLM to PST Conversion software to know about the software qualities. After getting satisfaction from the trial offer, feel to get the full version of the software.

Convert OLM to PST Using OLM to PST converter Tool

Convert OLM to PST

It is impossible to open Mac data to Windows. And there are various situations when Mac users need to transfer their data to Windows users due to official purpose and many other conditions.Usin g OLM to PST converter tool for this situation is considered a smart choice. It is an extra ordinary tool that allows you to efficiently move Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac to Outlook for Windows or convert OLM to PST. It is a user friendly program that can be handled all alone. There is no such special training is required to handle the tool. It allows to do complete conversion task by exporting all OLM stored data such emails, notes, calendar events, sent items, drafts etc… to PST format. The tool is essential where both MAC and Windows are used. You can trust the software for safe migration.

Key Features of OLM to PST Data Conversion Tool

  • OLM to PST Conversion tool easily transfer emails, calendar items, contact details, notes, drafts and various other information of the converted Mac OLM file to PST format
  • It is an advance software that allows you to easily export Unicode characters (non-English content such as double-bye character) of Mac data to Windows
  • OLM to PST Converter preserves message attachments and give special care to nested messages
  • It keeps the data of OLM intact during export
  • The tool merges multiple contact address books of OLM to create one strong contact file of PST
  • OLM to PST merges various calendar items of OLM to create one PST calendar event
  • It is a user friendly tool

Trial Version of Outlook OLM to PST converter and convert OLM file to PST

We offer you to try the free trial version of OLM to PST. Taste the efficacy of the software today.

Convert Outlook OLM File to 2010 Windows PST

Are you looking for the best option to convert Mac files to Window files? Do you want the software that allows safe conversion of OLM files to PST? The above questions have one answer and that is OLM to PST Converter. It is an advanced utility to migrate OLM whole data like mails, contacts, notes, and calendar events to PST format.

OLM is the data storage of MAC. The whole emails, sent items, attachments, calendar events and other essential data of Mac stores in OLM files. The software performs smart conversion. It is a must-have utility for offices where both Mac and Windows Operating Systems are used. For personal purpose, OLM to PST Converter is an ideal tool. It gives freedom to Mac users to share their mails, attachments and other data to Windows users without any problem. Some years back, sharing of Mac files to Windows files wasn’t possible that was affecting the market of Mac. But after the emergence of Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows converter, the problem has almost resolved. Therefore, OLM to PST software has been introduced to conveniently open up Mac Data to Windows.

Prominent Features at a Glance

  • OLM to PST Converter pro is an advance utility to swiftly convert OLM files such as mails, contacts and calendar event to PST format
  • OLM to PST software provides safe conversion by preserving attachment of emails and Unicode characters.
  • The software saves the formatting and structure of email content during conversion to Personal Storage Table format
  • The conversion speed of Mac to Windows Conversion software is satisfactory
  • The advanced utility is able to provide bulk conversion so that users can save time, the bulk conversion doesn’t hurt the quality of mails and other data
  • OLM Conversion tool transfers OLM Calendar events to PST calendar events
  • Multiple OLM calendar events can be merged and transferred to one strong PST calendar folder with the help of this tool
  • Merging of multiple OLM address book folders to one strong PST address book folder is possible by OLM to PST Conversion pro
  • The utility is easy to install and operate, it is a user friendly program that doesn’t require special training to handle its features.

Demo Version

Demo version of the software is available that you can try to know how efficient the tool performs. The demo version is free and has some restrictions.

Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010: An Ideal Choice to convert OLM file to PST

What brings smoothness and flow in a company work? It is, of course, uninterrupted work flow. Almost every company work requires sharing and exchanging of data. Most of the corporate sectors rely on Microsoft Outlook latest versions of storing and sharing of important emails, contacts and other data. What does happen when data sharing gets interruption? The problem is encountered in the offices where both Mac and Windows Outlook are used.

Mac is an incredible invention of Apple Inc. and today, it is one of the best Operating Systems for tech savvies. Therefore, it easy to notice Mac in today’s offices. Windows is still number one choice of many corporate sectors. But when it comes to sharing of Mac data to Windows, it is always failed. Mac Outlook 2011 supports OLM files to store email messages, attachments, notes, calendar events and contacts. The OLM files are only supported by Mac. Therefore, it requires conversion of OLM files to PST when it comes to share data of Mac to Windows.

OLM to PST Conversion tool is considered an ideal choice for that. It offers safe conversion at a great speed. The tool supports astounding features to choose from.

Prominent Functions of Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010 PST files

  • Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2010 is a smart conversion program providing safe migration of Mac emails, contacts and calendars to PST.
  • The software preserves formatting, Unicode characters and attachment while converting Mac data to Windows.
  • It supports batch conversion to save time.
  • The tool is not very hard to understand and handle.
  • Download OLM to PST free trial to let yourself aware with the features of the program.

How to Export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST

Is it possible to open Mac data to Windows? The answer is YES. The tool, OLM to PST, is an outstanding program to access Mac emails, contacts, calendars and notes on Windows without any problem. The software offers safe and easy migration of Mac data to Windows. A few simple steps of the tool are required to follow to establish conversion.

OLM is the file format for Mac Outlook 2011. The file is supported only by Mac and when it comes to share Mac data to Windows, it needs exporting of OLM data in PST. Windows supports Personal storage format to conveniently store archived emails, contact and calendars like OLM does in Mac.

Mac Outlook 2011 to PST is a high-end program. It supports bulk migration. You can rely on the software for safe transaction of your Mac files to Windows. Many People are trying the software and most of them are happy with its incredible features.

Top Features

  • Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook 2010 supports fast, safe and easy conversion of Mac emails, contacts and address to Windows.
  • The software takes care of formatting and the original structure of emails during conversion in order to provide top accuracy migration.
  • OLM Conversion Pro provides preservation of Mac email attachments, nested messages and Unicode characters during migration in order to provide top quality output.
  • OLM Migration Pro supports bulk transformation of emails and other data to save quality time of users. During bulk conversion, it takes care of losing no data.
  • The tool allows saving of the migrated items in not only PST file formats.
  • It is easy to run the program on your PC without any technical assistance.
  • The demo version of the tool is offered that you can try to understand the features of the tool and get to the decision of purchase the tool.

The Role of OLM File

The Role of OLM File

The OLM file is one of the best storage files for storing data of Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac. It is a personal information manager developed by Microsoft Corporation, a leading American software company. An OLM file plays very important role in storing the archived emails, contacts, calendars and other data of Mac. The storage file saves the data of Mac from an Exchange Server. It provides enough storage facility to Mac Outlook 2011.

An OLM file is created on Mac OS automatically. It has capability to store emails and other data of Mac in a well manner. The database file is somewhat like other popular database files such PST, RSD, ACC etc… The OLM file has been designed for only Mac Outlook 2011. It has good storage capability.

Conversion of OLM Files

When you transfer an OLM file data to other OS like Windows, It doesn’t get open. Error appears that can only be solved after conversion of OLM files. Today, OLM to PST conversion is in demand. It is a powerful tool to easily convert OLM files to PST format.

Recovery of OLM Files

OLM files are prone to get damaged. In this situation, you may lose important emails, contacts and other data. But you don’t need bother for losing an OLM file these days. Recovery of OLM files is possible. Various high end OLM to PST Convetrer programs have been introduced in the technology market to smartly and safely recovered OLM files. These programs recover the entire OLM mailbox including hyperlinks, emails, attachments, contacts, calendars etc… and give flexibility to save the recovered data in PST, MSG and EML format.