Discover the Best OLM File Converter

OLM is a Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac file extension. It is best known as a database file to store emails, sent items, calendar events and contact address books for Mac.

Apple Inc. has created Mac OS for tech savvies. It is capable of storing various types of data and has incredible features that tech savvies like to have in their PCs.

Windows is a user-friendly OS. It is one of the most outstanding Operating Systems that can be learned easily. This is the reason for the popularity of Windows. It supports PST database file to store and operate its mails, contacts, notes and calendar items.

It has been noticed that Mac users fail to share their files to Windows users. The reason for it is that Mac support OLM database file and Windows supports PST database file. When it comes to sharing the data of Mac to Windows, it requires conversion of OLM files to PST files. Therefore, OLM to PST Conversion tool has been introduced to solve the problem. It is a proficient tool, capable of converting not only emails but also various types of data such as contacts and calendar items without any worry.

Salient Features

OLM File to PST Conversion is a sophisticated tool to transfer an OLM file data such as emails, its attachments, contacts and calendar items to PST effortlessly

The software maintains accuracy by transferring the mails in its original format

OLM File Conversion tool preserves all email attachments and gives a special treatment to nested messages

The conversion tool is capable of preserving non-English content and double byte characters

Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook converts various OLM contact address book folders to a strong PST contact address book folder

The software merges several address book folders into one single folder. It enables of processing around 60 address book fields to prevent even minor data loss

OLM file Converter has been designed to convert a large number of OLM files from different users to PST with ease. It is able to convert OLM various files one by one

The tool support GUI so that users of the software easily handle its features

Trial Offer

People who want to purchase OLM to PST software can give a try to free OLM to PST Conversion software to know about the software qualities. After getting satisfaction from the trial offer, feel to get the full version of the software.